Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ sneakers to be auctioned for millions


Tennis that Michael jordan used in “Space Jam”, the Air Jordan 11, are now auctioned. What makes these sneakers so special is that the model was created exclusively for the movie the basketball player starred in, in addition to never offered for sale by Nike. However, you can now enter over 3 million Mexican pesos.

According to the auction house “Sothebys”, the sneakers currently have an offer for one million 300 thousand Mexican pesos, but the company assures that these shoes are in fact It has an approximate value between 3 and 4 million pesos, the offer is therefore always open to buyers.

The Air Jordan sneakers were created specifically to meet the characteristics of the feet of the famous basketball player who wears the number 13, and they were only used on the set during the filming of “Space Jam”.

These pairs of sneakers are auctioned with Michael’s official signature, in addition to being delivered in a wooden box engraved with the ribbon logo and velvet fabric. For the moment, four people are interested in acquiring them.

The Air Jordan 11 pair of tennis shoes have a fit that allowed the basketball star to have more difficult movements with his foot in complete safety. A creation of Nike company conceived by The Hatfield Handyman, who realized that Michael Jordan would position the “hard cuts” in athletic shoes.

As we mentioned in The news of the truth, basketball player Michael Jordan increased Nike’s popularity in the 1990s. In addition, the tennis shoes that are now auctioned off have an internal encoding designed especially for Michael, which makes them even more valuable.

The internal coding that these Air Jordan 11 carry is: BBMN04-950112-FTPS, What does it mean:

Space Jam 2’s July 16 premiere in cinemas across Mexico and other countries may have been the reason the Jordan tennis auction was announced, as many fans believe it is. a marketing strategy for the band.

Although we know that MJ will not be in the sequel to Looney Tunes Movie, without a doubt fans still remember the first part where Michael showed his artistic talent.

However, this time Space Jam: a new era will feature the Los Angeles Lakers player from the NBA, James lebron.

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