Mississippi teen, 16, arrested for killing friend over Jordan sneakers


Cassius Vaughn Hanzy reportedly shot dead the victim of a car after a fight for the coveted sneakers.

A 16-year-old boy from Mississippi has been accused of killing another teenager, apparently a friend, over a pair of Nike Jordan sneakers.

Cassius Vaughn Hanzy reportedly fired a gun from a vehicle in Gulfport on several occasions on Saturday night after an earlier scuffle with a 17-year-old boy over athletic shoes. The unidentified victim ultimately died of his injuries.

According to a Press release, Gulfport police initially charged Hanzy with one count of the drive-by shooting; the charges will be increased due to the death of the victim.

Last year, two 19-year-old boys were arrested in Florida after killing an 18-year-old girl over Adidas Yeezy sneakers.

Nike sneakers are on display at Nike’s flagship store on 5th Avenue on December 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Stephanie Keith / Getty Images)

Andrea Camps Lacayo and her boyfriend had arranged to meet Adrien cosby and George walton meet with suspects to sell them three pairs of the coveted shoes when they were shot in a robbery; she later died.

At the time, his school, the Terra Environmental Research Institute, said the loss of the captain of the campus dance team was “immeasurable.”

Gene Necklace of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an editorial after Lacayo’s death in which he wondered, “Almost 50 years after a Nike basketball shoe eclipsed into public consciousness the humble Converse All-Stars canvas basketball shoe , in which the Boston Celtics have won eight consecutive NBA titles (and 11 over 13 years), 35 years after the debut of the Air Jordans, we still shoot for… sneakers?

Columnist presented a quote from the lawyer Jared goldstein, who said Business intern, “Sneaker violence is a big deal. When the resale started to become popular, there was a lot of violence. (Before some sellers switched to digital apps), people used Craigslist, and they would meet and stand at gunpoint for sneakers, and that violence continues to this day.

In Gulfport, Mississippi’s second largest city, authorities are taking action to deal with an increase in violent crime.

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“We are”, police chief Chris Ryle told local media, “but not only in the city, across the country, there is an increase in crime and, unfortunately, the violence is gun violence, which often results in death.”

“We have also partnered with the US Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office here in Mississippi and launched Project Eject over the past year, where we target individuals with guns and drugs,” he added. “If we or if they are able to make an arrest and charge them, they would face a federal sentence, that these prison sentences are harsher, and they have to do more of this sentence than they do. would do it at the state level. “

The chief noted that community support before and after the commission of the crimes is essential to reduce the growing rate of violent crime in the city.

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