Nastia Liukin CRUSHES in hot jeans, new “Air Jordan” sneakers!



Olympic gymnast Nastia liukin is about to have a “Sunday Funday” – and she’s dressed to impress!

The five-time Olympic gold medalist roamed the streets of Dallas, Texas to have a great time on this beautiful Sunday, but instead of wearing the normal brunch-style outfit, she decided to light up the city with style. a little different which included a fresh new pair of sneakers!

The good news, the gorgeous gymnast was wearing a mask, the only problem was that many fans didn’t really like the style…

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“Sunday Funday but wear a mask – don’t worry, it won’t dull your shine,” Nastia captioned.

In the sexy snaps, if you look closely you can see that Nastia is wearing a new pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers and they are money! Fans couldn’t get enough of her stunning look, which included a pair of tight black jeans and a black beanie.

Nastia zoomed in on her mask in the following photos and showed off her dreamy green eyes. “Ummmmmm EYES !!!! ! That’s all one person could pull out… another added, “Don’t tarnish your sparkle with eyes like that.”

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“Beautiful eyes to go with that gorgeous face never really liked gymnastics when I first saw your face I just fell in love don’t know what else to say keep being your little girl do what you do be safe ?? ???????, one person wrote, taking their photo in the comments!

Another added: “Looks cute, but I’m not sure this mask does much for you… Hope it was just for the gram and you will pull out a real mask if you get out anywhere.”

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A few others insisted on this, pointing out that his mask didn’t seem to provide much protection. “Everything is perfect, only the mask, it must not be on any face. Is this mask really hiding something? “

Nastia made headlines this week after bringing together the entire gymnastics team of the U.S. team that competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Girls, Bridget Sloan, Alicia Sacramone, Samantha Peszek, Chellsie Memmel, and Shawn johnson all joined Liukin on his YouTube channel where they played the “most probable” game: they remembered the magical summer!

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