NBA legend Michael Jordan’s sneakers go up for auction; set to break athletic shoe record, Sports News


Eleven pairs of shoes worn by NBA legend Michael Jordan are up for auction starting Thursday. These pairs should break the record for a sports shoe.

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Air Jordan 1 High is the highlight of the auction. Michael Jordan wore them during a 1985 exhibition game in Italy when he dunked the ball so hard it shattered the glass backing into thousands of pieces. To this day, a piece of glass is still lodged in the sole of the left shoe.

“It was an iconic moment in sports history,” said Caitlin Donovan, head of handbag and sneaker sales at Christie’s, which is organizing the auction with Stadium Goods.

These sneakers are signed by the legend himself and sell for between $650,000 and $850,000, making them the most expensive athletic shoe. This record is currently held by another Air Jordan sold by Sotheby’s in May for $560,000.

The other pairs of sneakers could also reach a high price. Like the Nike Air Ship set Jordan wore at the start of his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls in 1984. They could fetch up to $550,000.

Air Jordan 7 Olympic, the sneakers worn by the NBA legend in the gold medal game against Croatia at the 1992 Barcelona Games, won by the American “Dream Team”, is quoted between 50,000 and 70,000 dollars.

Christie’s estimate sales are expected to bring in a total of $2 million, underscoring the skyrocketing market value of items identified with the retired basketball superstar since the release of ‘The Last Dance,’ a documentary ESPN/Netflix which chronicles the saga of Jordan and his Chicago Bulls.


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