Nike and RTFkt unveil their first virtual sneakers


In February, the virtual fashion startup, which Nike acquired last year, released a non-fungible token called the MNLTH, a metal cube bearing both the RTFKT and Nike logos. Ever since, owners of MNLTH NFTs have been completing RTFKT “quests” posted on Twitter and its Discord channel to find out what was inside.

The answer, revealed today, was a pair of virtual Nike Dunk sneakers whose look owners seem to be able to change with different digital skins. Opening the MNLTH yielded the sneakers, a “flask of skin” and another MNLTH, suggesting future reveals to come.

RTFKT has become one of the biggest names in the NFT space, releasing collaborations with different partners that fetch high prices online. An NFT from his collection with artist Takashi Murakami sold for over $1 million in February.

The NFT market has cooled since surging last year, but many brands are just starting to explore the space. Gucci and Adidas, for example, have released their own NFTs that serve as digital collectibles, but also have membership program features, giving owners access to different perks.

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