Nike launches Air Jordan sneakers with automatic laces


Nike stunned sneakerheads and moviegoers alike when the company introduced its first automatic lace-up shoe four years ago, based in part on fictional technology featured in Back to the Future Part II.

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Today, Nike brings Adapt, its true powerful lacing technology, to its Air Jordan brand.

In 1994, famous Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield started designing the Air Jordan 11. The shoes featured several unique design features including slip-on technology. The model is Michael Jordan’s favorite. He wore the shoes to the 1995 NBA playoffs when he returned to the league after a brief retirement earlier this season.

After 25 years, the shoes will achieve this original design benchmark.

“Where the Air Jordan 11 Jubilee celebrates the rich history of the Air Jordan 11, the Adapt iteration takes the silhouette into the future of Jordan Brand,” said Martin Lotti, vice president and design director of the Jordan brand, in a statement. “By incorporating the best of Nike technology, we have implemented Tinker’s original vision for the Air Jordan 11, while simultaneously providing wearers with the most personalized Jumpman shoes to date.”

Nike Adapt technology is associated with the brand’s app which allows the user to personalize accompanying items, including footwear and sportswear. For the Air Jordan 11, users can choose their own color scheme and the flashing pattern of the lights on the shoes.

The Air Jordan 11 Jubilee will be released on December 12 and the Air Jordan Adapt on December 30.

However, it’s still unclear when a self-drying jacket Marty McFly wore will be released.


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