Nike’s latest video celebrates the Black British experience


Michael Jordan is the GOAT, which is why it’s impossible to think of basketball without thinking of MJ’s heroism over 15 years of trophies and awards in the NBA. His accomplishments are common knowledge even to the most casual basketball fan, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Jordan and London have a history. During Black History Month, Nike highlights this underrated story via a short video.

After the 1985 NBA Draft, Michael Jordan came to London to visit and train with the Brixton Topcats. Despite being at the start of his basketball career, Jordan was already one of the biggest names in the sport. Invited by coach Jimmy Rogers, MJ spent time playing at the Brixton Recreation Center in South London.

With the kickoff of Black History Month in the UK, Nike has teamed up with the director Sékou Abineri to create a new story focused on the experience of black Britons, through the eyes of Jimmy Rogers’ basketball team in south London. “Officially nicknamed ‘The Bishop of Brixton’ by locals, Jimmy’s tireless commitment to his community reflects Brixton’s larger sweeping history of protest and uprisings against racism, police intervention and exclusion politics, and the DIY spirit in black British culture, ”explains Nike. “Now a new generation, always inspired by Jimmy’s community work, is discovering new forms of excellence.”

Together with Jordan Brand, the story is told alongside a series of live chats that will be hosted on the Jumpman YouTube channel, focused on education and awareness of the black experience.

After 36 years, Michael Jordan returns to Brixton once again – not only as a player – but as someone who recognized the importance and impact of coach Jimmy Rogers’ work, and its impact on black youth. .

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