Oregon Celebrates Title IX With Air Jordan Sneakers


It has never been more important for consumers to use their purchasing power wisely. Fortunately, athletes of all ages and walks of life can always count on Nike to do the right thing. The Oregon-based company is partnering with the University of Oregon to raise money for a good cause.

Starting today, the public can bid on a rare pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers. The Jordan 1 “WIF” is designed by Elizabeth Brock-Jones and Kendal Bagby in collaboration with Tinker Hatfield and represents the triumphs of women around the world.

According to the website, “The Women in Flight Title IX Air Jordan 1 Mid represents Women in Flight’s Go Do Anything campaign, the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the past, present, future of women’s athletics and the triumphs for women around the world.The shoes feature the Title IX logo, designed by Tinker Hatfield and colorway.Packaged in a wooden box engraved with the logo and “Go Do Anything” mantra, the shoes themselves are wrapped in a fabric featuring complete Title IX legislation.”

All proceeds directly benefit Women in Flight at the University of Oregon. You can find out more about the sneakers and the good cause they represent on the Oregon Department of Athletics website here. Stay locked in FanNation Kicks for the latest news, updates, and interviews.


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