Patta x Experimental Jetset x Converse: Release Info, Store Links


Mark: Patta x Experimental Jetset x Converse

Model: Chuck 70

Release date: November 11th

To buy: Online on the Highsnobiety store

Editor’s notes: You know that feeling when you’re wandering around a city with no real destination, just peeking around and seeing what you might find? Well, if you do, then you’ve practiced psychogeography.

It’s a mixture of the words psychology and geography and it’s the act of walking aimlessly through an urban environment, drifting and following your instincts to discover places. And for Amsterdam-based design collective Experimental Jetset, it was the inspiration when creating a sneaker with Patta and Converse.

Part of a larger collection between the Dutch streetwear label and Experimental Jetset, which sees them debuting the “Patta Psychogeographic Practice” with a range of collaborative clothing, the pair’s latest release is arguably the most important product needed. for walking in the city: trainers.

Using Converse’s signature Chuck 70, the two covered the shoe with messages advocating psychogeography.

The intersecting blue and red arrows are most noticeable when you first look at the shoes. These are, according to Experimental Jetset, a reference to the artwork for This is the modern world (1977) from The Jam and The naked city (1957), a psychogeographic map of Paris created by Guy Debord – a Marxist theorist who coined the term.

These arrows point left and right or south and north depending on the shoe you’re looking at, which Patta alludes to in a statement about the collaboration where it says: “reject autopilot routes that you usually browse and explore on impulse. This collaboration is about clothes and where you take these styles. Right is left. Left is right. South is north. North is south.

No matter where you take these shoes, all that matters, in the words of Patta and Experimental Jetset, is that you “keep drifting.”


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