Phish kicks off final spring tour in Noblesville on Mike Gordon’s birthday [Photos/Videos]


The beloved jam band Phishing kicked off a three-night weekend at Deer streamuh, the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, IN last night, marking the final shows of a short but sweet Spring 2022 tour. After the first five nights of the tour – three in Alabama and two in South Carolina – fans entered the show expecting a great performance.

“Theme From the Bottom” will open the show, played for the first time after a surprising gap of 31 shows, the longest since 1998 (33 shows). The version was highlighted by some roaring guitars from Trey Anastasio but was otherwise normally played, despite the band’s recent tendency to play long jams to open shows. From below, from above.

Phish – “Bottom Theme”

A cover of Stevie Wonder“Boogie On Reggae Woman” followed, featuring bassist mike gordon establishing the typically funky opening groove. Trey took a moment during the song’s intro to play the tune to “Happy Birthday” in honor of Gordo’s 57th. Happy birthday, Mike! This “Boogie On” opened with a funky, high-energy jam session that stayed in “Type I” territory before ending.

the uplifting Sigma Oasis the track “Everything’s Right” was next, bringing its typical feel-good lyrics and a smooth, flowing exploratory section, quickly breaking the structure of the song into a bright major jam highlighted by McConnell Page‘s work on the great Yamaha. It was Trey who pivoted the band into a darker section of the jam at around 13 minutes, leading with a wailing solo before singing an impromptu “It’s gonna be okay” chorus that brought the song to its conclusion.

Page then played the opening organ melody of the Junta song “Esther”, a fan favorite that was greeted with warm applause. The song played well, and at its conclusion the band seamlessly tied into a catchy take of the instrumental “Buried Alive.” Trey kept this version light and loose, adding some flair in the fillers throughout the song.

It was Page who led the band in “Alaska” with a long bluesy piano melody, and he was the drummer Jon Fishman it kept the band in the pocket as they ripped through a fun and upbeat jam session that stuck to the lines. Next is Gordo’s original “Mull”, performed for the fifth time. The song saw the band get into a funky groove highlighted by Page’s clavinet before falling into more exploratory waters. The sun had almost set by this time of the evening, which Chris KurodaThe dramatic light shows a more prominent backdrop for the heady jam.

As the band passed the double-digit minute mark in the “Mull” jam, it was Gordo who signaled the band to exit the jam and move on to the next song, leaving room for Trey to play the riff. opening of “Birds of a Feather”. ”. The energetic song featured a quick guitar selection from Trey, who sat in the driver’s seat throughout the composition. After the triumphant conclusion of “Birds”, the band fell into rocker “Cavern”. Whatever you do, take care of your shoes, right? “Cavern” would mark the final of the first set.

Phish came back from the set break with the funky Big boat jam, “No men in no man’s land”. The band took this version for a ride, starting with a close interaction between Trey and Mike before Trey took off, cooking up the set with a climactic solo. Settling on the other side of the peak, the band looped back into a pocket funk jam before returning to the opening chorus of “No Men” and closing the song.

Phish – “No Men in No Man’s Land”

[Video: Phish]

After a floating, spacey moment, it was Gordo who led the band in the next song, “Down With Disease.” After the composed section, the band settled into a soft, melodic jam before pivoting into a musical weirdness punctuated by echoing guitar strokes and heralded by Page’s work on the electric keys. Deep in otherworldly jam, the band pivoted into a funky jam segment with thick, swampy tones and an intriguing light display. It was the highlight of the evening, 17 minutes of pure Phish goodness. You know it’s worth listening to again if the band never comes back at the end of a song.

Eventually, the session faded and Trey swept in with the poignant ballad, “Joy.” The title track from the band’s 2009 album was a sweet moment after a fiery 30 minutes. The emotional moment was short and sweet, as the band launched into “Ruby Waves.” It was an energetic performance and, while the ghosts of the forest The track is perhaps best known for the 38-minute version in 2019, the band mostly stayed in familiar territory here. Nonetheless, Phish climaxed before letting the “Waves” fade into the sea.

Next in the setlist are two of the band’s most beloved 1.0 era compositions: the Gamehendgeian “The Lizards” and Junta “Fluffhead” track. Both were really welcome additions for the second half of the second set, each played well (albeit, not perfectly, but I’m not complaining). No one would have expected either, let alone both, a memorable moment, to be sure.

Phish closed out the second set with a simple, rocking rendition of “Chalk Dust Torture”. Don’t get me wrong, I love a 20+ minute exploratory jam session as much as the next Phish fan, but there’s something to be said for a quick, emphatic “CDT”. Trey tore up the closing riff, thanked the fans, and went backstage for a quick break.

For the encore, Phish released their third Junta song of the night: “Contact”. It was an exceptionally playful take on a playful song, with Trey once again musically wishing the bassist a happy birthday. The band led a hand-waving dance through the crowd, leaving fans grinning from ear to ear as the night ended. Finally, just to end the show on a high, Phish released the high-energy song “First Tube.” As the song ended, Trey held his guitar up in front of the crowd as commentary echoed from the stack of amplifiers behind him. A powerful end to an excellent overall performance.

Phish returns to the Ruoff Music Center tonight for the second night of the three-night run. After this weekend, the band hits the road again on July 14 for a 26-show tour across the country. Check out last night’s full setlist, fan-shot videos and photos courtesy of the photographer Keith Griner below.

Phishing – “Down Sickness”

Phish – “Buried Alive

[Video: shinepigeon]

set list [via]: Phishing | Ruoff Music Center | Noblesville, IN | 06/03/22

SET 1: Bottom Theme, Boogie On Reggae Woman (Stevie Wonder) [1]All is well, Esther > Buried Alive, Alaska, Mull, Birds of a Feather, Cavern

SET 2: No men in no man’s land > Down with disease [2] > Joy > Ruby Waves > The Lizards, Fluffhead > Chalk Dust Torture

AGAIN: Contact [1] > First hit

[1] Trey teased “Happy Birthday.”
[2] Unfinished.

It was Mike Gordon’s birthday.


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