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Jam space 2 hit theaters on Friday, July 16, and soon after, Nike surprised fans with the launch of its new Airforce 1 themed shoes and other products from its Space Jam collection.

Since the film was generously sprinkled with the Nike logo appearing every now and then, many fans expected this collaboration to happen sooner or later. However, the products and designs impressed a lot.

One of Nike’s most sought-after shoes is their Airforce 1 shoes, but when they are in collaboration with Space Jam, they become even more valuable to movie buffs and Nike enthusiasts.

Where to buy the Nike Airforce 1 Space Jam shoes

Fans can visit Nike’s official online store (US) to check out the Space Jam Airforce 1 sneakers and all other merchandise.

Besides the official store, the Air Force 1 are also available on the Footlocker website, Nike SNKRS US, the Bodega website and finally on The sneakers sell for $ 120 and are available in white and blue.

The design of the shoe showcases Bugs and Lola Bunny who dribble the ball and show off their NBA skills.

The new Legacy x Nike collection explored

Yesterday, July 16, around 10 a.m., most of the collection was made available to the public.

It had everything fans dreamed of from the LeBron 18 Low, the Converse Chuck Taylor, and even everyone’s beloved Air Force 1.

Although the Space Jam Air Force 1 was the hit of the collection, there are other products as well.

Dri-fit swimsuits for children and adults are part of the collection as part of the Lebron James x Space Jam collection. The jerseys are available in the iconic Space Jam 2 theme colors, dark purple and one with the shades of light blue and orange. Child size costs $ 80, while adult size is priced at $ 120.

Nike’s Space Jam collection includes other products such as hoodies, Tune Squad shoes, basketball t-shirts, basketball shorts, caps, lunch boxes, ties, bracelets, socks, backpacks and more. The prices of some products are listed below.

Men’s varsity jacket: $ 200

Dri-fit basketball t-shirt: $ 40

Dri-fit shorts: $ 90

Space Jam jersey: $ 120

Raise 2 Space Jam shoes: $ 80

Check out the full collection with prices here.

Fans react to new Tune Squad shoes

While the film impressed many, Lebron’s Space Jam shoes impressed even more. Others have shed light on how the film featured the Nike symbol everywhere.

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 2



Space Jam: A New Legacy – Trailer 2





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