Raila Odinga dazzles in high-top college blue Jordan sneakers during meet-up with youngsters Tuko.co.ke


  • As the 2021 general election approaches, young people are on the lips of the majority of Kenyan politicians, especially presidential candidates
  • Indeed, the majority of the country’s voters are young people and whoever wins them will be in a better position to become the next president.
  • This has prompted presidential aspirants to try many adaptive tactics with young people in order to gain their support.

Voting season has arrived, and politicians are stepping out of their usually lavish lifestyles to embrace “humility” by mingling with ordinary Kenyans.

Raila Odinga (pictured) dazzles in college blue high top Jordan sneakers. Photo: Raila Odinga.
Source: Facebook

From riding motorcycles and wheelbarrows to buying corn and fish on the streets, the season for politicians to win over voters has arrived.

Young people have been on the lips of the majority of Kenyan politicians, especially those running for the presidency, bearing in mind that the national population is predominantly young.

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Raila meets young people

Social media posts of presidential candidates were decorated with buzzwords Sheng (slang) and phrases like Mboka ni Mboka (Work is work), Radar Na Rao (Raila is the plan ).

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On Tuesday, October 12, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Raila Odinga stole the show during a meeting with young people from Mount Kenya with his trendy and fashionable dress code.

The 76-year-old politician showed up in a sleek navy sleeveless jacket, pair of jeans and Jordan Air sneakers from Nike, likely to resonate with the casual youth dress code.

Hawk-eyed Kenyans did not fail to notice the brilliant fashion sense of Raila, aka Baba, with some complimenting him for looking dope while others criticizing him for choosing the dress code for himself. adapt to young people now that he needed their votes.

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Here are some comments:

Frank Adika Leo

“The kind of transformation you put us into is compelling, compelling, inevitable, inevitable, compelling, incredible, unfazed, haunting, compelling, driving and lovable.”

Sakong Kiplangat:

“I’m starting to doubt these young people who come to Raila. Could it be that they were paid by Ruto to make fun of Jakom? This is a disservice to Raila himself.”

Mohamed Borbo:

“I believe Raila Odinga can turn Kenya into something beautiful and never seen before. Please guys let’s give it a chance, and we won’t regret it. Ameen.”

Garad Ben Oussama:

“Real brains and Baba are preparing this time around to hire such a cream of society. “

Dennis Ogeto:

“How I would like all young people to adopt these good ideas. For once, vote wisely! “

Ramadhan Mugehera:

“This is what young people need; go from the podium to baba action. “

Maurice Anyango:

“Yes, all stakeholders, please ask you to advise Jakom to create a sign language interpreter so that we walk together as Kenyans. “

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Kakaire Wanume

“These Mau Mau stories don’t resonate with young people. Why is Raila obsessed with Jaramogi, not his abilities?”

Joseph Jayjay:

“Very sad … the young people in the comments section do not listen to the good ideas of our comrades but deceive each other left, right and center … listen to this farmer and this innovator .. . very bright. “

Benson Omambie:

“I love what these young people present to Baba and that is why I have always believed in this wonderful country.”

Source: Tuko.co.ke


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