Ravens draft center: Drake London, WR, USC


The context

Played mostly X with a slot junior year, had previously played mostly slot. Plays in the Air Raid scheme, caught a lot of screens and outs.

Before capturing

In his statement against the media coverage, he has a plan, patience and he uses his physique to win consistently. He has a varied set to use in his outing, including powerful whipping, tearing, and upper body wiping moves. His footwork is good against the press, with effective speed release and one movement. Facing a jam, he shows off his good hand placement and timing to go along with his impressive playing strength to clear his hands and get up the court. He will constantly release through the defender, making full use of his physicality when pinned down. Can be vulnerable to a quick jam and has yet to learn how to slide the step to escape this compared to DBs with better hand placement. He excels in his technique against the soft shoe press, effectively closing space with foot fires, jumps or short strides. Facing the bail cover, he can enter the blind spot directly or after a subtle pressure step and come out of it in his break. He’s solid against off/squat coverage but he could handle attacking more leverage in his rod on gear cutbacks to make more room for himself at the stopping point.

He’ll use a combination of mental processing and playing strength, with enough athletic ability to get just enough separation. At the breakpoint, he will overcome any physical challenge, even the strongest DBs. He knows how to prudently take advantage of his physical strength in complete legality to obtain separation. It will also build up DB throughout a game – has a particularly effective double move where it simulates a reduction in speed before releasing upwards on deep roads. It is however a little tight, mainly due to its size. More savvy DBs with good lateral movement can read his intentions on harder angle breaks and speed reductions due to an elongated/exaggerated first step as well as the number of steps/distance he takes to break . A good processor that reads the cover effectively, finding weak spots, especially good at filling the honey hole.

The Wrestling and after the Wrestling

Excellent technique on all types of catches, stationary and on the move, and especially in contested catching situations – he will catch outside his frame with strong hands and in high degree of difficulty situations such as with little room on the sideline. You can see a rare focus drop when he knows there’s a lot of YAC to be had if he baits the defender from a bad angle.

His body positioning for receiving is exceptional, he knows how to create separation at the receiving point through his adjustment to the ball and body control – the proverbial open-even-when-not-receiving. He protects football. Prolific YAC-getter with some speed and lateral quickness but mostly playing strength, including a powerful stiff arm.

Gains separation with game strength / a bit of common sense in his breaks. Has enough athletic ability to open up just enough to bring his hook-up skills into play. YAC prolific, destroys the press

JR: 119 Tgts, 88 Recs, 1084 Rec Yards (12.3 Ave), 7 Rec TDs

SW: 43 Tgts, 33 Recs, 502 Rec Yards (15.2 Ave), 3 Rec TDs

INJURY: Fractured right ankle missed 4 games (JR)

Athletics 3
Intelligence 4
Versatility 3
creak 5
Scheme 4


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