Russell Westbrook’s Air Jordan Signature Sneakers Are As Bold As Him


Oklahoma City Thunder goalie Russell Westbrook knows a thing or two about turning heads, and that’s why we love him. Whether it’s his high-flying antics on the pitch or his whimsical personal style, the NBA superstar is hard to miss. And 2017 was a banner year for the 29-year-old: he landed his very first GQ cover, wore crazier match outfits than we can count, published a coffee table book of those outfits and was named the League’s MVP. Like Westbrook, he started 2018 on a high note as well, officially launching his very first signature sneaker on the court: the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.

Westbrook’s new kicks are futuristic and eye-catching in every good way: sleek, slightly geometric, and edgy without looking too unusual. (You don’t want your game-day kicks to be too weird, that’s what your off-court sneakers are for.) The shoe is also loaded with the kind of technical details and support the reigning MVP needs to be. to stay. the pinnacle of its game. For starters, it features a sturdy mesh upper, full-length Zoom Air sole, and a compression-molded foam piece specially designed to provide maximum bounce on the court. . And it has a heel cup that looks straight out of another Jordan 15 ahead of its time, a sneaker that just happens to be on the cusp of a major comeback in 2018.

When you’re the king of NBA fashion, your iconic sneaker has something to measure up to (that’s no exaggeration; fans voted Westbrook as the league’s most stylish player last year). The Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 lives up to this bill with two initial colors: “2-Way”, a black and white version that perfectly balances the “look at me” contrast with simplicity; and “Mirror Image”, a graphics option that is sure to grab attention with its collage look and bright red details. If this new sneaker is going to set the stage for the Westbrook style new year, then we’ll be looking to see what else it has up its sleeve.

$ 125, the Why Not Zer0.1 will launch on January 15th with limited quantities of the “Mirror Image” colorway. The “2-Way” colorway will launch worldwide on February 15th.


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