Russell Wilson to represent Why Not You Academy in Seahawks’ My Cause My Cleats game


“Education has always been great.”

When the Seahawks take to the pitch on Sunday, Wilson will first and foremost prepare to take on the 49ers, but he will also represent, through his custom-designed cleats, not just a school that he and Ciara helped start with Reeves and Canfield, but also the almost limitless ambition his father instilled in him, not only to be successful in sport, but to make an impact in the world. This is one of the main reasons Wilson won the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award last year for his charitable work, and why he intends the Why Not You Academy to be a life-changing. children crossing its corridors.

“The thing my dad always told me when I was young was, ‘Son, why not you?'” Wilson said last year. “Why don’t you play professional baseball, why don’t you play professional football, why don’t you graduate early, why don’t you do this and that? I realized very young, at the age of 6, 7, 8, that this was the motor question, consciously and unconsciously, that I ended up asking myself all the time. And I think that’s the question we all need to ask ourselves.

These questions that Harrison Wilson III encouraged his children to ask have not only led to athletic success, but also to success and ambition in all fields, and these are questions that, among others, have led Wilson to help start a school dedicated to improving the lives of children in the Seattle area. And it is normal that, in a family so devoted to education, Wilson’s path led him to this enterprise.

“The passion for education came from my parents,” Wilson said. “My dad went to Dartmouth, he went to AVU law school, my mom went to AVU and she went to Xavier for nursing school, so my parents were always talking about education, reading and the importance for me as a young child to read and be involved in it. For me and Ciara this has been so critical along the way that we are so passionate about school. When we first met we talked about the idea of ​​opening a school and going on this trip so that we could create something like that.

“Being able to start the Why Not You Academy here in Seattle has been a blessing. What’s great is that you get to see so many kids along the way, and the experience they have of talking to people. great people who have gone through ups and downs in life, people who have started businesses, just creating that opportunity for the kids that they might not otherwise have. Our charter school has been so awesome, c ‘is just the enthusiasm and the teachers are amazing. The education has always been great. My grandfather was a long time President of the State of Norfolk, for 22 years, and my grandmother was a doctor and taught at the ‘ODU, my uncle went to Dartmouth, there is a lot of education in my family.

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