Sailor Moon x Vans Collab Shoes, Sneakers, Clothes: Release Date


Like so many other pre-teens, I turned my nose up at Sailor Moon when he would come to Cartoon Network in favor of anime “boys” like dragonball and naruto. My Loss: The Original Sailor Moona charming blend of pre-Y2K nostalgia and magical girlish vibrancy, is as fun to watch now as it was in The Naughties.

I was one of the few models who missed the opportunity, because Sailor Moon remains an international phenomenon just as vital as its shōnen peers.

What better way to make up for lost time than with Vans Sailor Moon collection, a full assortment of sneakers, apparel, and accessories featuring Sailor Guardians imagery (emphasis on Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino herself).

Launching on June 10 on the Vans website and in select stores, this collaboration goes back to where it all began for most Western fans: Pretty Private Sailor Moonusually just called Sailor Moon.

Partly because of its extremely complex production cycle, the English language Sailor Moon was, at first, a flop and was almost pulled from American televisions in the late 90s.

But Marine fans care like no one else: they were one of the first fan communities to successfully organize a mass petition that convinced the powers that be to bring the show back, after which Sailor Moon finally found its footing and a massive following to boot.

Since, Sailor Moon benefited from one or two streetwear collaborations but nothing to match this Vans collaboration, which is really one of the first to speak of Sailor Moon shoe collaborations outside of Japan. What took so long?

Will no longer be Marine loyalists should relegate to customs, as they have a good spread of Vans kicks in sizes for women, men and children.

From Old Skool and Sk8-Hi to Authentic and slide sandals, everything you’d expect from a Vans collab is here and steeped in themed imagery, from the stars to the faces of Sailor Moon and her cats, Luna and Artemis.

If you haven’t had enough of the initial delivery or upcoming Vans Customs options (which will include Sailor Guardian and even more cat prints), Vans Team Rider Lizzie Armanto has you covered with an extra Sailor Moon x Vans release, which will include a themed iteration of their signature Lizzie skate shoe, made in Sailor Moon style.

In the name of the moon!


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