Saint Laurent joins Bike Life with the Super73 S2


Two wheels are better than one, and the Saint Laurent Super73 S2 is better than none.

Fashion and cycling go hand in hand like, well, celebrities and beauty brands, or high end and candles. If you can score it, you bet your last dollar that your favorite luxury home has its own version of it.

When it comes to cycling life, everyone has been involved lately. No, but seriously, cycles are rippling right now. As a rider myself (no lycra included) I’m always up for digging a new set of wheels, but the trendy two-wheeler business is a bit out of my budget.

For example, Maison Tamboite by Louis Vuitton. Sure, $ 28,900 is outrageous, but alternative options like the Jacquemus x Vanmoof, Kenzo x Brompton, or Cannondale x Stella McCartney aren’t exactly cheap, either.

If you have the ability to spend the cash, Saint Laurent’s blackened Super73 S2 is another great option to swap your four (or not) wheels for two.

Based on the S2 model, the bike designed by Anthony Vaccarello features a lightweight aluminum frame and a maximum output of 2,000 watts, allowing a top speed of 28 mph. In true SL style, it features a matte black frame finish with stainless steel bolts and custom leather saddle.

Of course, safety comes first, especially in city life, which is why the carbon fiber helmet designed in collaboration with Hedon is the perfect partner for your new wheelset.

You can buy the Saint Laurent Super73 S2 exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite⁣, while the Hedon helmet is available to buy online.


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