Shoe test – The LeBron 20, a “generational” model


Nike had gone all out to promote the LeBron 19 by squarely placing the signature shoe of james lebron at the heart of the film “Space Jam: new era” in which the Lakers superstar played the main role.

The comma brand had developed a very sophisticated model but in a profile that had difficulty finding its audience, with a shoe that was quite heavy on arrival, rather intended for interiors.

For the LeBron 20, it was about finding a new way to stand out while trying to bring more together. It is therefore on an explosive “Low” model that Nike has bet for the 20th signature shoe of the King.

Less imposing, lighter, equipped with a “balanced” sole, it is in this sense a “generational” shoe, adapting more to all profiles of basketball players, like Victor Wembanyama, with the size of ‘a pivot but a game that sometimes looks like that from a fullback.

The LeBron 20 is also distinguished by the unique composition of its upper, in knitted mesh in relief, and its two superimposed commas, one of which appears in a different color depending on its inclination to accentuate the “speed” aspect. The sole between cushlon foam and non-slip sole is more than effective and the overall result is up to the event.


The pair is not so easy to put on. The impression that the model is a bit small. The slight discomfort disappears quickly, as soon as the shoe is done. The tongue is really original in its composition, but visibly more focused on aesthetics than on comfort or practicality.

At the level of the collar, on the other hand, we benefit from good reinforcements which ensure support and comfort. Overall, the general comfort is quite pleasant. The generous sole has its effect, with its cushlon foam which offers a good compromise between comfort and energy return.

To note : 8.5/10


In line with the latest flagship models from Nike-Jordan Brand like the Luka 1, the sole is rather rigid. This is the effect expected with the cushlon midsole, generously sized, rigid enough to offer a good return of energy while providing the necessary basic comfort.

The Zoom Air bubble at the front of the foot is discreet in terms of sensations but very present. The Zoom Air unit in the heel is more visible in the heel. Again, the overall cushioning feedback is quite good, snappy enough for smaller builds and resilient for taller profiles.

To note : 8.5/10


More or less, we are on the same non-slip multi-directional herringbone outsole as the Air Jordan 36. It is rather a good choice since we have never done better in terms of grip so far.

The sole really offers the feeling of being hooked to the ground, even the noise it makes after each press is incredible. It goes without saying that even if the sole is not specially reinforced to support external supports, all types of supports can be used. This is the highlight of this LeBron 20.

To note : 9/10


Nothing obvious in terms of support, except that the foot is sufficiently taut once the shoe is properly laced. The leather band that crosses the eyelets does not particularly accentuate the support which remains generally quite correct.

In fact, the feeling of stability is quite good. We also find the carbon fiber shank under the sole in the middle of the foot, supposed to provide better stability.

To note : 8.5/10


The finishes of this LeBron 20 could well impact the life of the model, with a whole bunch of small innovations for aesthetic purposes whose resistance can be questioned. Clearly, Nike has favored the design, and the result is up to par, the pair is magnificent!

Level of life, on the other hand, one can ask the question. Already, the embossed knit mesh upper is, admittedly, gorgeous, but also feels a little flimsy. All the embroidered parts contribute to this silky effect but are also susceptible to fraying.

The same goes for the upper with the embroidered comma and the “double Swoosh” staggered on top of each other, of which a small plastic tip stands out in the open air. The effect is successful, with this sensation of speed, but the presence of this growth could also damage, cut, and damage the rest.

As always, it will also be the style and frequency of use of each.

In the finishes department, we also note the presence of a metal plate at the bottom of the laces with the inscription “XX”, i.e. 20 in Roman numerals, various patterns on the front of the cushlon midsole, and an outsole with also very worked patterns, retracing the history of LeBron James.

To note : 9/10


Nike knew it was expected to design this 20th signature shoe in the LeBron collection.

The comma brand wanted to mark the occasion by releasing this time a Low model more in tune with the fast game currently practiced in the NBA. “Designed and tuned to next-gen specs”, as can be read inside the tongue of the right shoe. All is said. A necessarily lighter version, but just as efficient.

The technical capabilities of the model are up to par. The sole, ultimately quite classic with its Zoom Air units and cushlon foam, is enhanced by the quality of its outsole. The support and stability give nothing to complain about, and the finishes are up to a model supposed to mark a little more the immense career of LeBron James.

If we were to get wet, it looks like the LeBron 20 should have a lot more commercial success than the LeBron 19. Now it’s up to LeBron James to promote him the best on the court.

To note : 17.4/20

Shoe weight (size 43) : 435 grams

Price : from 200 euros on Basket4Ballers

Rating scale

  • – less than 10/20: not recommended
  • – between 10 and 15: faults that can stop some but qualities that will charm others
  • – above 15: approved and recommended pair!

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