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If clothes make the man or the woman, then their shoes are what help them take the steps to success.

The shoes were invented as props to help humans protect their feet. Soon after, different models began to develop and different preferences were created according to the tastes of several human beings. These were also created based on gender, profession and individual requirements.

Today, the footwear industry has come a long way from restricting one type of shoe to a particular demographic. Today the masses can wear the shoes they want. The bespoke shoes are designed by some of the world’s most renowned designers and well-known brands, making them extravagantly priced.

Here are some of the shoes that have sold with the highest price tags.

8 The Converse Fastbreaks worn by the game of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was among the first sports figures to start supporting shoe brands. The fame that his company shoes found helped him gain even more popularity as a player.

One of those shoes is his game-worn Converse Fastbreaks, which has become one of the most expensive shoes in the world with a value of around $ 190,373. He wore it to the 1984 Olympics for a game against Spain which won the gold medal. It came with the player’s autograph on the sole and was sold in 2017 at a private auction.

7 Nike Mag 2016 automatic lacing sneakers

The Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers are the most exquisite pair of shoes because they look quite futuristic. The concept of self-lacing is also something that may be common in the shoe industry in the near future. However, as of now, this pair is one of a kind.

It was sold in 2016 by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for a lavish price of around $ 200,000. It was directly inspired by the pair of futuristic shoes seen in the 1989 sci-fi classic. Back to the future II.

6 Nike Air Jordan 1s 2020

One factor that makes these sneakers even more noteworthy and expensive is when a famous personality wears them. One of those pairs is the Nike Air Jordan 1, a pair originally worn by Michael Jordan in a 1985 game.

What makes it even more authentic is Jordan’s signature on the right shoe. It was sold last year in an online auction for a hefty price of around $ 560,000.

5 Nike 1972 Waffle Racing Flat ‘Moon’ Shoe

The Nike 1972 Waffle Racing Fat Moon shoe bears this name because its design and texture resembles a waffle in the dust with the footprint of the shoe. These unique concepts are what sets Nike apart from all other sports brands.

The Moon Shoes cost around $ 437,500 and were sold at a private auction. The pair was purchased by Canadian collector Miles Nadal. Later it was resold on eBay for a lower cost.

4 Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth in heels

Stuart A. Wizman is the founder of the famous shoe brand called Stay Weizman, famous for making some of the most expensive designer shoes. The entrepreneur owns one of the more expensive pairs, and it’s none other than the Rita Hayworth heels.

The pair are unique in their excellent ability to showcase the signature glamor of the Hollywood industry. Expensive materials like sapphire, diamonds, and rubies were used to make it worth around $ 3 million. It is owned by Stuart Weitzman’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

3 Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers were created in 1989 when Ronald Wilson, the son of Harry Winston, wanted to pay tribute to him. It was also the 50th anniversary of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

As a result, approximately 4600 rubies were studded on these pairs. It is said to have approximately 1,350 carats of rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. Without a doubt, they have become one of the most expensive shoes in the world, costing around $ 3.01 million.

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2 Debbie Wingham pumps

The Debbie Wingham heels are the second most expensive shoe in the world. It was designed by British icon Debbi who released the pair in 2017. Debbie Wingham made these shoes in collaboration with designer Chris Campbell.

These were custom made for a private customer, but eventually rose to fame as one of the most amazing and expensive shoes in the world. The Debbie Wingham Heels were priced at $ 15.1 million.

1 Diamant Passion shoes

The world’s most expensive shoe is an exclusive pair created by the UAE-based brand called Jada Dubai. The exquisite pair also has a special name – the Passion Diamond shoes.

It’s not just shoes; it is also the rarest ornamentation for human feet. It is a masterpiece created in collaboration between Jada Diamond and Passion Jewelers. TThese stilettos were exhibited at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and were priced at a mind-boggling $ 17 million.

The history of footwear and shoemaking has seen many new waves over the centuries. The shoes also played a big role in being the accessory that made sponsorship deals a huge thing among celebrity circles and their fans.

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