Sotheby’s Entourage auction is full of the holy grail


HBO Entourage was a show that in some ways has aged terribly, but in others was ahead of its time. We’re talking specifically about how the show attempted to tackle the world of sneakers. Despite attempts by Complex and Netflix to bring our world into the world of streaming, a show about the culture and community behind it has failed to capture mainstream audiences.

In Entourage, everyone’s favorite character Turtle has spent a good deal of her time obsessed with shoes and in many ways is a spitting image of most of us on Saturday mornings (aside from the fact that most of us don’t have famous friends who can pull strings to surprise us with Nike sneakers 1 in 1). Several of the shoes featured or referenced on the show eventually became available in IRL (either as hyperstrikes or as samples from the show itself).

Sotheby’s are now auctioning off some of those same sneakers, the price of the lot – the Air Force 1 “UNDEFEATED x Fukijama” in gold – is expected to be between $ 60,000 and $ 90,000. The other sneakers featured in this auction are the blue version of the same Air Force 1 sneaker (which is expected to go up to $ 14,000), two pairs of Friends & Family Nike SB Dunk Low (one being the all colorway). black and the other being a rarer sample with a blue Swoosh), as well as a pair of Hyperdunks, which are the cheapest of the lot and are expected to fetch up to $ 2,000.

The sneaker auctions open on November 1, but you can already take a look at each one at The official Sotheby’s website here.

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