Soundfall drops a new trailer and some sick beats –


Soundfall, a stylish rhythm-based adventure, has just released a brand new trailer.

Introduced as part of the recent indie Mix showcase, the latest update from Drastic Games and Noodlecake is a fresh glimpse into the world of Soundfall. The upcoming beat-based dungeon crawler has received a brand new trailer as part of the event and early supporters of the title and eager musicians can see what’s to come when the title finally arrives. on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4|5 and Epic Game Store.

Described as a “unique fusion of looter-shooting action and rhythm-based gameplay”, Soundfall will hit play this spring and put players in the shoes of Melody, a guardian of harmony – a music guru mysteriously transported to Symphonia by the composers to fight the forces of Discord. To fend off disharmony, players will have to time everything to the beat of the music. Through the main campaign, local co-op and online multiplayer, players will benefit from power-ups, combos and bonuses to shoot in time with the rhythm bar located at the bottom of the screen and eventually eliminate all enemies .

Whether you’re tapping along to one of the game’s 100+ songs or importing your own local music tracks, only available for PC players, there seems to be plenty of ways to play. Each of the five playable characters has their own unique abilities, weapons, and playstyles, and with over 500 pieces of gear to collect, there’s plenty of musical content to listen to.

We are incredibly excited for this brilliant fighter. If you love games like BPM but want to swap out hellfire for something a little less Doom-heavy, you can now get a sample of what’s to come on the official site.


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