‘That’s a corny A** name’: LeBron James will likely go wild despite NBA fans tearing up idea of ​​his billion-dollar Las Vegas dream


LeBron James has ideas for a potential NBA franchise in Las Vegas. But the most recent idea presented on Twitter might leave him amazed. A fan posted concept promos about the potential Vegas expansion team. A Miami artist did the concept art for two potential franchisees, as there were rumors the NBA would also expand to Seattle.

It could also mark the return of the Supersonics. LeBron James expressed interest in buying the new franchise on his podcast. Many see this as an extension of his recent investments in various businesses. And the Vegas franchise could be one of them.


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The legendary Los Angeles Lakers player recently became a billionaire. And its global superstar doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

The JAKEPABLOMEDIA account even gave the team a name: the Las Vegas Vultures. This left some fans on Twitter worried.

The concept art of the jerseys was widely appreciated. The account posted wild colors for the art. LeBron James might just go gaga over the cleanliness and elegance of the promo. This seems to align with his aspirations for the new franchise. The bold look might just reinvigorate a certain sense of style in the NBA where minimalism has become more widely accepted.

Here are some of the fan tweets found on NBA Twitter that either deride or adore this concept:

LeBron James has investments in other sports clubs like Liverpool FC

LeBron James’ investments don’t stop there. He owns a stake in Fenway Sports Group and is also a co-owner of Liverpool Football Club because of it. He has always encouraged the club and recently praised star player Mohamed Salah for signing a new contract with the team.


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He now has his movie studio named Spring Hill Company. He produced films like Space Containment 2 and Hustle on Netflix. His income from endorsements has earned him over $900 million.

He is one of only two basketball billionaires in the world. The first was Michael Jordan. The latter also gained plenty of green by selling Nike Jordans and other endorsements. He’s been the full-time owner of the Charlotte Hornets for over a decade now.


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LeBron James’ popularity will make the NBA prefer him over any other bidder. Will he buy back the Las Vegas franchise in his portfolio? We just have to wait and watch for the next two years.


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