The awesome Game Boy Air Jordan sneakers can cost an extra life


1989 was a good year for fans of classic games, in part because of the debut of the original Nintendo Game Boy. 1989 was also the year that Nike released the Air Jordan IV sneakers. Now, Freaker Sneaks is bringing the Game Boy and Air Jordans together for a limited run of custom sneakers, but casual sneaker lovers might want to catch their breath before they pick up these beauties. Because they cost around 15 times the price of a Game Boy in ’89. Via Kotaku, the Air Jordan IV Game Boy sneakers from Freaker Sneaks definitely hit the nostalgic buttons. And we mean that literally, since the D-pad and double buttons on the back of the shoes are actually “squeezable”.The shoes also eschew flashy colors in favor of maintaining the limited palette of the Game Boy itself. Whites and grays are the predominant colors used here, with small pops of red, blue, and black in strategic areas. These customs also pay homage to Super Mario Land, one of the first breakout titles for the Game Boy. The right shoe involves a reconstruction of the Super Mario Land box cover, while the left shoe has a screenshot of World 1-1, complete in black and white tinged with green.In theory, sneaker enthusiasts could proudly wear these kickass shoes. But considering the price is $ 1,350 a pair, these limited editions will likely grace collectors’ shelves. Remember, the original Game Boy was only $ 89.99 when it was first released. For $ 1,350, we should at least have been able to play Super Mario Land with these sneakers.It may already be too late to add them to your collection. Freaker Sneaks only made ten pairs of these custom shoes, and they are currently listed as “out of stock” on their official website. However, we can still appreciate them from afar, as a unique tribute to one of the best handheld gaming consoles of all time. What do you think of these Game Boy-themed Air Jordans? Let us know in the comment section below!

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