The best Converse sneakers in 2022


Since 1917, Converse has sold over 800 million pairs of shoes worldwide. Of those 800 million, about two-thirds were the brand’s iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean the All Stars are the best Converse sneakers. And the other third?

UPDATE: The Converse x Pokémon is live now and features stunning trainers that feature one of the most popular games of all time. The collaboration is part of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary celebration. In addition to some custom Chuck Taylor sneakers with Pokemon designs, t-shirt and cap designs are also available.

Converse says about the new designs:“Sending him back to the Kanto region, where trainers began exploring the world of Pokémon, an original class of Pokémon is performed on Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star icon.”

Converse x Pokémon ranges from £35 to £62 while custom prices vary. The sneakers are available in youth and adult sizes,

From fashion-forward collaborations to the brand’s skateboard-specific CONS line, this celebrated American footwear institution is more than just a pony.

From all-time classics to cult favorites you might have missed, here we round up the best Converse sneakers you can buy right now.

Here are our top 10 best Converse sneakers. Don’t forget to upvote the ones you like, upvote the ones you don’t like, and let us know if we missed anything.

The best Converse sneakers

Inspired by the beefed-up Chucks that took over basketball courts in the 1970s, the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor ’70 builds on the OG design with equal parts retro detailing and increased comfort. A spongy sockliner provides more cushioning underfoot, while the dual-layer canvas upper and raised rubber cuff provide an overall sturdier feel.

The fact that the original Converse All Star Chuck Taylor has remained virtually unchanged for over a century and is still one of the best-selling sneakers in the world speaks for itself. The world’s first athlete-approved shoe is more than just a pretty shoe. It’s a design classic and a must-have, whether you’re a sneaker enthusiast or their grandparent.

When the Converse Pro Leather debuted in 1976, it was the lightest, toughest shoe on the basketball court. These days, it’s not exactly groundbreaking from a technology standpoint, but from a styling standpoint, it’s still just as appealing. A great plain white workout option for those looking for something a little different.

High-top sneakers aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re finding kicks that graze your ankle or just trying to avoid unsightly tan lines in the summer, this low-top version of Converse’s signature basketball shoe has you covered. All the beauty and versatility of the original, just in a slightly less noble package.

Originally designed by Canadian badminton legend Jack Purcell, Converse bought the rights to his eponymous canvas sneaker in the 1970s and still produces it to this day. Visually, it has a lot in common with the Chuck Taylor All Star, the main differences being the trademark “smile” on the front and the molded detailing on the toe cap.

When the streetwear arm of avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garçons CDG Play put its first stamp on a pair of ’70s Converse Chucks, it was an instant hit. The oversized bug-eyed heart-shaped logo has since become a common sight at the feet of hip-hop heavyweights and urban trend setters and offers the rest of us the rarest thing: the ability to own a pair of fashionable trainers for less than £100. If you shop hard enough online, anyway.

Converse’s One Star was originally introduced as a basketball shoe in 1974, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that it became the cult classic it is today. The One Star’s simple design, durable suede upper and grippy sole have made it a favorite in the skate scene. Today, it’s a streetwear staple and has even benefited from collaborations with brands like Carhartt, Undefeated and Tyler The Creator’s Golf Wang.

One of the few reservations people tend to have when it comes to wearing Converse All Stars is that they can be a bit of a pain to put on and take off. With a low profile silhouette and elasticated design, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip does away with the laces while retaining all the other elements that make the All Star the classic that it is.

Converse and OFF-WHITE. One is one of the most established athletic shoe brands on the face of the earth and the other is the hottest name in high-end streetwear. When the two got together, they were always going to be on a hype frenzy and astronomical resale prices, so if you’ve left it until now to buy a pair, prepare to rack up some cash. money.

The Checkpoint Pro got its start on the tennis court, but quickly found its true calling in the skate scene as part of Converse’s skateboard-centric “Cons” line. With bold branding on a simple suede background, it’s eye-catching, but not obnoxious. A versatile addition to any shoe rack, whether you’re a seasoned pro skateboarder or just a mere mortal looking for a nice, comfortable trainer.


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