“The Hare Jordan 7 ad was a precursor to what would be one of the greatest basketball movies of all time” – An ad for the special Air Jordan 7 colorway featured Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny


The Hare Jordan 7 was one of the best collaboration colorways in the sneaker game

The Air Jordan 7 was the first shoe Nike made for Michael Jordan as a championship shoe. He may have had success with the 6s to win his first championship in 1991, but the 7 was the model that could show off his winner’s medal. It was also the Olympic year, so the model also got a makeover.

The Looney Tunes collaboration in 1992 was the first glimpse of what would become the iconic Movie Jordan appears 4 years from now. Space Jam quickly became an instant hit and is watched with nostalgia to this day. The idea of ​​MJ saving Looney tunes, much like how he saved the Bulls in some games, drew insane parallels to real life.

The colors and materials had hints of bug bunny, as well as an ode to the Looney Tunes theme. Some of the material choices were indicative of the soft tuft of hair a rabbit would usually have. The kids were swayed by the ad because two of their favorite people featured in an eye-catching ad.

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The Hare Jordan 7 was one of the collaborations that gave the sneakers a lighter touch

MJ was such an influence on kids and young adults in the 90s, that any colorway or model he released, people ran to buy them in droves. When he and Looney Tunes collaborated, it was the first time that a major athlete also collaborated with a mega entertainment corporation.

The model was re-released in 2020, as Hare 2.0, which revitalized it and brought it to today’s kids. Space Jam is such an influence on kids that LeBron James followed in his idol’s footsteps and made a modern take on the original movie. It may not have done as well at the box office as the original, but the influence is there to see it all.

The Hare Jordan collaboration also had a Marvin the Martian release. It didn’t fare too well, but it opened up for various other entertainment industry collaborations in the future. Jordan Brand is now synonymous with famous artists and their collaborations, as well as their vibrant colorways.

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