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Although not an integral part of a movie script, there have been many occasions where sneakers have been used to show off a movie character’s personality or motivations.

From Nike to Reeboks and everything in between, you can head to a Converse NZ sale and pick up the legendary Chuck Taylors from I, Robot too. Here are some of the best sneaker moments in movie history.

Back to the future

One of the most famous and expensive sneakers ever seen in film is the Nike Air Mag worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. The gray and blue lace-up sneakers looked amazing in the movie but unfortunately weren’t real.

That was until 2011, when Nike created a limited run of replica pairs that performed like the ones in the movies. With only around 1600 pairs made between 2011 and 2016, they are some of the rarest and most expensive shoes on the planet.

The sneakers were sold at auction and through a raffle, with money received from the sales going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation; the most expensive pair sold for a whopping $200,000.

Fast times at Ridgemont High

The black and white checkerboard slip-on from Vans is one of the most recognizable and famous shoes. After appearing on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Vans’ popularity skyrocketed and it became the go-to brand for sneaker lovers everywhere.


Nike was the favorite brand in the 80s, and it was proven in Tom Hanks’ movie Big. During the piano scene, Hanks wears the Nike Air Force IIs, the less popular but no less stylish and generally cool cousin of the Air Force Ones.

Iconic sneakers

Forrest Gump

One of Forrest Gump’s most iconic scenes is when Forrest receives a pair of white and varsity blue and red Nike Cortez. Not only are the Cortez one of Nike’s most popular silhouettes, but Forrest Gump has taken their popularity to the next level.

After seeing Forrest run almost everywhere with them, the Cortez craze took hold of the world.

space jam

Obviously, a movie starring Michael Jordan playing basketball was going to have an iconic pair of sneakers. As he put the legendary Jordan 1s on the map, Space jam featured MJ wearing a very clean and stylish pair of Jordan 11s.

The “Space Jame” 11 were not only one of the most famous pairs of shoes of the 90s, but sneaker collectors still spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get their hands on a pair today.

Like mike

Nike Blazers have always been less popular than the Jordan line and Air Force 1s. However, the 2002 movie Like Mike saw Lil Bow Wow find an old pair of MJ’s blazers and, wearing them, learned the same skills than the man himself.

Although the movie wasn’t the best, it brought the Blazers into the public eye, and they’ve been one of Nike’s best-selling sneakers ever since.

Kill Bill

A nod to the great Bruce Lee and his matching yellow jumpsuit and sneakers, in Kill Bill Uma Thurman wears a pair of Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi LE. Although Onitsuka Tiger is not the most popular or well-known brand, the Tai Chi feature has not only turned heads, but also boosted sales.

George of the Jungle

George may have spent most of the film swinging through vines in his loincloth, but he wore a pair of iconic sneakers when he had to return to the jungle. Donning a pair of Nike Air More Uptempos, he gained superhuman speed.

Although the More Uptempos are not the prettiest Nike sneakers, they are particularly unique and eye-catching and unique on their own.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

While Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World isn’t all about sneakers, they do feature a pair of incredibly famous Adidas sneakers. Made famous by Run DMC, Scott can be seen donning a pair of Adidas Originals Superstars in one scene.

Putting them on before a fight, Scott carefully ties up his lucky superstars and heads off to take on his crush’s exes.

I robot

Chuck Taylor All-Stars have been featured in dozens of movies to this point. They are one of the most famous sneakers in the world and are still worn by everyone, young and old, to this day.

What makes this movie appearance so cool is that even in the distant future, a shoe that’s been popular for over 100 years is still the sneaker of choice.

Iconic sneaker movies


Another movie that wasn’t famous for its sneaker appearances but rather the sneakers it created. Riley’s custom Reeboks can be seen in a scene where she fights an alien; the sneakers not only grabbed attention, but left many viewers wanting a pair for themselves.

A year later, Reebok complied by releasing the aptly named Alien Stomper. Since then, there have been several retro-inspired releases, with a big drop 3 years ago to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary.


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