The Pokémon x Converse collection is out tomorrow


It’s been 25 years since Pokemon first graced our screens. And from trading cards to Gameboy games to Pokémon Go!, there’s no shortage of ways to catch them.

But now you can celebrate the cultural phenomenon’s anniversary with something special. Thanks to a partnership with Converse, you can now portray some of your favorite Pokemon on your kicks.

The Special Collection officially drops on January 7, but you can check out some of the products below.

Black & White Character High Top

This classic Converse high features black outlines of iconic Pokémon on a white canvas shoe. You can spot Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Meowth, and Jigglypuff. The shoes feature the Converse All Star logo on the inside ankle and a red Pokéball on the outside ankle.

Pokémon Black High High

This design resembles the black pro-blaze Converse sneakers, but adds an array of classic Pokemon. A colorful Pikachu leads the charge, followed by Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. There is also a small Pokéball reference hidden in the top eyelet, which is half red and half white.

Jigglypuff Basketball

If Jigglypuff is your favorite Pokemon, this is the shoe for you. These pink low-top sneakers have a double velcro closure. And of course, a music-loving, winking Jigglypuff dances to the side.

Pikachu basketball

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon collection without a Pikachu projector. These bright yellow low top shoes turn your feet into Pokémon! These shoes feature a little Pikachu face painted on the toe, with adorable 3D ears sticking out just above the laces.

…And more!

The official Converse collection will include even more shoes, as well as additional apparel. Look for the Anniversary Celebration Hoodie featuring an Electrified Pikachu, a cozy Jigglypuff sweater, Team t-shirts, themed backpacks and more.

The Pokémon x Converse Collection goes live on January 7 at 10:00 AM EST. You can grab your sneakers and fandom apparel from the website.

Source: HypeBeast


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