The son of Michael Jordan opens the “trophy room” with exclusive Jordan sneakers


Michael Jordan is one of the most recognizable athletes to have ever lived. However, there is one thing that could be better known than him too. These are the shoes that bear his name and which make sense since Jordan plays.

“Air Jordan” are two of the most important words in the world of sneakers. The value and cadence of Air Jordans is something that very few shoes can claim. As a result, Jordan Brand is worth billions of dollars, with MJ himself becoming basketball’s first billionaire.

The rare Jordan shoes have an increase in the purchase far beyond the shoe. However, there is now an official source to get the rarest Jordans and that is a new store called “Trophy Room”, which was recently unveiled by Michael’s son, Marcus Jordan. Marcus owns the store and promises to house some of the rarest Jordan collectibles in the world.

Marcus had this to say about the new store.

“I have good memories with my family. In the trophy room growing up, my father had the shoes worn by the game, all the awards, all the memories. There will be parts of it in the store Trophy Room with shoes worn by the game exposed, photographs of us inside the room of the original trophies, various family photos and videos that give off that warm feeling .

The shop is an upscale boutique is located in Orlando, Florida. The shop promises to offer exclusive Jordans and collaborate with brands such as Upper Deck Card Company and Nike.

This isn’t the first time Marcus has opened this store, initially managing the estate of Michael Jordan. However, as word spread, Marcus opened a store in 2016 in the Walt Disney Entertainment District and would close in 2019, moving to an online-only model. We wish him the best for his reopening.


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