These are the best NBA games of the opening week


After a quick summer, we’re back in the tunnel, watching some extremely lanky men in very expensive clothes pass by. The tunnel, which serves as the entry point to the stadium for all NBA players and also serves as a track, displayed a styling acceleration at the start of the season.

The star review of recent years has undoubtedly been the apparent lack of individuality. The proper photo format was almost a requirement (poor Alex Caruso was forced to wear Yves Saint Laurent hoodie against his will), and an under-the-radar competition to see who could stack the most logos at once, instead of a personality ship.

However, this year the kids are more than okay. Mohair cardigans and alternative footwear flood the timeline where logo tees and hip sneakers once ruled. Below, we list our top ten favorite NBA Cups from opening week. Death to the logo t-shirt!

Jimmy Butler in Jorts

Close your eyes. Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin shopping at Urban Outfitters. Open them.

It’s easy to fall prey to the unofficial pre-game tunnel uniform: a flashy top with a luxurious logo, amiri jeans and hip sneakers. That is why it is necessary to celebrate the personality everywhere, and yet it manifests itself.

Jimmy is a proud Texan who sing country music on the team bus, and it shows in the jorts. The black knee high socks and Doc Marten Slides blend together to look like a work boot, but the open toes provide an easy exit from any manual labor.

Punxsatawny shai

Shai is kind of like the Punxsatawny Phil from the tunnel. Once you see him strutting around Amiri, you know we have another six months of fire. For a fun ride in 2021, Shai ditched denim and went with flared woven pants.

He is also perhaps the only player in the league (in the world?) To be able to integrate the Amiri jeans. His gesture is to temper them with sneakers that deserve the same attention; in this case it means Gallery Dept x Lanvin Painted Leather Curb.

Mohair monk

We love mohair cardigans. All my friends love mohair cardigans. Malik Monk wows this cardigan from Stolen Girlfriend’s Club with printed denim. The most important piece of this outfit, however? The Grace Court Company Magic Johnson T-Shirt – Referencing Legends From Your Own Franchise is the pinnacle of day one on the job flattery.


It was either that outfit or LaMelo Ball’s remix of The Mask, but the two couldn’t coexist on one roster. And while we applaud the Lamborghini’s color coordination, Russ’ McDonalds Couture triumphs because he’s the only one in the league who can pull it off.

Partly that’s because this tank top appears to be designed to fit only her body – something only Russ would do.

David Duke Jr, Fashion Killa

With a mask, sunglasses and a babushka, how did we recognize David Duke Jr., I don’t know.

What is clear though, is that we’ll be seeing a lot of Duke in the future – the costume bag in hand and the roll are a clear sign of overwrap, a first level side effect of an addiction. to the jaw.

The king of product placement

LeBron, now 36, looks at his age, leaving Eric Emanuel and John Elliott on the rack (for now). Along with opting for a double-breasted suit instead of a t-shirt, that wisdom and understanding also comes through in the obvious product placement.

The Beats by Dre bag they give you when you buy a Beats audio cable for $ 19.95 complements the costume, the Prada Cloudbusts and the first game. During your 19th season, you learn to leave no one behind!

Kelly has her hands full

So maybe the cardigan is the new logo tee? Not crazy about that. Oubrious adding its soundcloud rapper, the emo attitude is a fun ride. Duffle in the left hand, phone and iPad in the right; don’t ask Kelly to sign an autograph – it’ll give us all anxiety.

Jalen, the scholar

The recruits, like most young people in the process of finding their own style, show notable signs of experimentation. Often times, this includes stacking logos for influence or other types of dressings visible. But Jalen is wise beyond his years, rocking a deep cut like this kimono shirt from Italian tech design brand, Nemen.

Bape cargo ships and Dior sneakers have strong names, but in this case, they let the fit speak with one voice.

Holidays P

It’s like the way Adam Sandler used to pick movies to star in based on where he wanted to go on vacation. PJ Tucker signed with Miami because he wanted to wear camping collars (Gucci in this case) and shorts.

At this point, the world’s most prized sneaker display board is in the hands of PJ Tucker. So here they are teasing the unreleased Comme des Garçons Nike Foamposites before their release.


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