These Oregon-exclusive Jordan sneakers were sold to pay student athletes


The University of Oregon’s close association with Nike has given its student-athletes exclusive access to rare sneakers made just for the school. These kicks are often highly coveted by sneakerheads, but NCAA rules prohibit athletes from selling the items given to them due to their association with their respective universities. But another avenue for getting Oregon athletes to pay has emerged thanks to StockX and the Division Street agency.

100 pairs of the Air Jordan 8 Oregon Player Exclusive went to auction on the resale platform, with profits going to university athletes. While StockX hosted the auction, Division Street is the conduit to paying players, as it will disperse the funds after being paid by StockX. Nike was not officially involved in the auction, but it endorsed 100 used pairs for the express purpose of paying players.

“Division Street continues to show that it thinks outside the box for our Oregon athletes and partners with innovative businesses,” said former Oregon point guard Sabrina Ionescu, also an ambassador. Chief of Division Street Athletes. Recount Complex. “We loved the idea of ​​dropping some pairs of Oregon Jordans in an unexpected way that would benefit our athletes.”

University of Oregon

A whole new era — As of this year, college athletes are now allowed to enjoy their likeness due to new NCAA rules. The change has led to a wave of one-of-a-kind sponsorship deals, including college football player Reilyn Turner who became Nike’s first NCAA sponsor this week.

Division Street, which counts Nike founder Phil Knight among several people involved, is an agency dedicated to helping University of Oregon athletes earn endorsements. After college football players received pairs of Air Jordan 8 Oregon PEs, Division Street was able to get their hands on another 100 pairs to auction off to benefit school athletes.

Bidding for the sneakers, which were available in a range of sizes, reached $7,000. None of the sneakers sold for less than $1,500, and now several hundred thousand dollars will go to U of O student-athletes. And as tempting as it may be for players to sell their sneakers in PE, they won’t have to do so anymore to secure a little extra income.


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