To get in shape for Vegas, Katy Perry says she has to “drop my Taco Bell”


Katy Perry returns to Las Vegas on Friday night for more shows in her TO PLAY residency: She will perform until June 11, take a break, then return for more shows in July and August, with more shows expected to be announced later this year. But Katy says she can’t just walk into Sin City and take the stage. She says she has to work on it.

“You definitely have to be aware that you have a show coming up after a six or eight week hiatus,” said the american idol judge tells USA Today. “I get really strict about two or three weeks before. [The set] is like a giant jungle gym for kids and I’m a 37 year old adult. So I have to train like an athlete, do physical therapy, use the sauna, and ditch my Taco Bell.

The only song on Katy’s residency show that isn’t one of her hit singles is her rendition of “The Greatest Love of All”, originally recorded by George Benson and made famous in 1985 by whitney houston. Katy says she decided to add her to the set after becoming a mom to daughter Daisy Dove, who turns 2 in August.

“After I had my daughter, the song spoke to me in a different way,” says Katy USA today. “I feel like Daisy gave me the greatest love of all and I now find it in my family life.”

In addition to her show, Katy has also american idol, his line of shoes and his new line of soft drinks, De Soi. In response to this age-old question about balance, Katy says, “There’s a lot more balance when you have a family. A lot of things fall out that aren’t really important… But I’m at my best at multitasking.

“I’m transitioning a bit more into the entrepreneurial space,” she adds, referring to the shoe line and De Soi. “These are branches from my tree. My trunk will always be the music, but I have many branches.

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