Tunde Oyeneyin’s gear bag keeps her in touch with forward pedaling


If there’s one thing Peloton riders can count on when taking one of Tunde Oyeneyin’s classes, it’s that they’re going to be pushed to their limits. As someone who once weighed 70 pounds more than she does today, she knows what’s possible with movement and doing things with purpose.

Ahead of a recent ride, Tunde Oyeneyin dove into some of his workout necessities for bodybuilding and fitness, which include some mainstays of her skincare routine. The SPEAK author also shared her current literary selection, the plant protein she looks for after a good sweat, and the shoe of choice for her strength classes.

Revlon The Gloss & So Fierce! Wide Open Eyes Mascara / Tatcha Face Cleansing Oil / Supergoop Face & Body Lotion SPF 50

Here are some of my staple beauty products that I love to have with me to apply and reapply throughout the day! I always cleanse my face after a workout, followed by a good face and body sunscreen (a must for all skin types). Good skin care and just a little mascara brightens the face in minutes.

To buy Gloss: $9.49 at Revlon

To buy So fierce! Wide Open Eyes Mascara: $10.99 at Revlon

To buy Tatcha Cleansing Oil: $50 at Tatcha

To buy Super goof! PLAY Daily Lotion SPF 50 with Sunflower Extract: $10-$58 at Supergoop!

Courtesy of Tunde Oyeneyin

Daily jam

I always have a book with me. Right now I’m reading Sarah Gardner’s Daily Jam. JAM is an acronym for Jjust A Museless. All you need is one minute a day to read about ways to be more present in our daily lives.

To buy Daily JAM: Enlightenment in a Minute: $17, at Amazon

Peloton Heart Rate Pod

I wear my heart rate monitor to track my progress and I know I’m in the zone!

To buy Peloton Heart Rate Pod: $90, at Amazon

Tunde Oyeneyin uses ON 100% Gold Standard Plant Protein
Courtesy of Tunde Oyeneyin

ON 100% Gold Standard Plant Protein

I have been drinking Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein for a while now. It’s my favorite and having it in my gym bag helps me feel ready for a workout as well as recover afterwards. It’s the perfect way to get plants and protein in my diet (24 grams of protein). I love the creamy taste of vanilla.

To buy ON Gold Standard 100% Vegetable Protein: $25, at Optimum Nutrition

protein stirrer

I always have a shaker handy. It’s the easiest way to make an on-the-go shake for a pre-workout snack or post-workout recovery. Simply add your ingredients, drop in the ball and shake. This gives great consistency on the go.

To buy Optimum Nutrition Shaker: $10, at Optimum Nutrition

Nike towel

If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know the sweat is real. I always have 2 towels on hand! This one is really soft and super absorbent.

To buy Nike Performance Towel: $25, at Nike

Nike Water Bottle

Hydration is key, always. I usually like a squeeze water bottle with a push-pull spout for easy drinking on the go and on the bike.

To buy Nike HyperFuel 24oz Water Bottle: $14, at Nike

Tunde Oyeney in Nike Free Metcon Sneakers
Courtesy of Tunde Oyeneyin

Nike Shoes

I bring a pair of Metcons with me to my strength classes. These have excellent cushioning, support and traction.

To buy Nike Free Metcon 4: $120, at Nike


I never leave home without them! I love my playlists and music is such a strong motivation for me. Use them while walking down the street or running errands and you’ll be amazed at how much your music can help pick up the pace during ordinary times for more movement during the day.

To buy Apple AirPods: $169, at Apple

Pocket app

It’s an app I love and use everywhere I go, especially while working out. It’s a space to save all the things you find on your phone in one place. It has a listen feature where I can listen to articles while I workout.

Download the Pocket app

Nike backpack

This backpack is basically stuck with me – I don’t go many places without it. It has enough room for all my essentials and helps me keep all my gear organized.

To buy Nike Sportswear RPM Backpack: $90 at Nike

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