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In a bi-weekly series, we interview female executives, founders, and CEOs on their “power suit,” that is, the outfit they wear every day to dress easily and conquer all that work. their reserve.

If you consider yourself one of the Nina Parkers (opens in a new tab) a quarter million Instagram followers — or if you like watching her on TV — you know how good her sense of personal style is. With a packed schedule that includes a co-hosted concert on E! Night pop alongside a slew of appearances on E! Daily Pop, E! News, live from E ! on Facebook, and Live from the red carpet, Parker has become known for her love of prints, patterns and bright colors.

So it’s no shock that his eponymous clothing collection for Macy’s (opens in a new tab) is just as fun as his on-air style. After being frustrated with the lack of cute, trendy and high-quality plus-size options, Parker teamed up with the iconic retailer to create an entire line of clothes she loves to wear. The resulting selection of matching suits separates, dresses ready for wedding guests (opens in a new tab)and raised closet staples are available in sizes 0X through 4X and 16 through 28.

The best-selling collection officially celebrated its one-year anniversary in May, so Parker spoke to Marie Claire to break down exactly how she puts together her signature outfits and which pieces she feels most comfortable wearing off-camera. And no, it’s not your usual leggings and a hoodie. Here’s how you can master her look for yourself.

Nina Parker

(Image credit: Jack Waterlot)

On her morning routine:

Most days it’s a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call. The good thing is that I’m getting ready for work, so I line up my sweats the night before. My morning wardrobe is made up entirely of joggers. I get up and the first thing I do is thank God for another day. Then I hit the bathroom to floss, brush my teeth, and use this turmeric face wash. Then I gather everything and take a shower.

I make a morning smoothie – you add oat milk and shake – then I do not use a blender. I make a cup of coffee, and I’m off. That’s the cool thing: most of the things you have to do in the morning, especially as a woman, to get ready, I don’t have to. I can go to work in my pajamas.

On her morning skincare routine:

I keep it cute in my morning routine because my skin is super sensitive. The more I do, the more breakouts I get. There’s a cocoa butter moisturizer (opens in a new tab) skin BUTTAH (opens in a new tab) which targets the needs of black skin and adds a glow to bare skin. It’s great to have under makeup. I also brush my eyebrows if they look crazy.

On his personal style:

My style changes all the time, but it’s changed tremendously during the pandemic. I’m in this transitional space where I have to accept wearing pants that close again, but I still want to wear joggers. When creating my clothing line, I was like, what can I design that’s comfortable but still classy.

I’m a big fan of wide leg pants. (opens in a new tab) with a drawstring that I can pair with Nikes or heels for happy hour. I like pieces that are flowy and effortless but can be dressed up quickly with a heel and a bag.

I’m trying to do colors that will go with my complexion and my blonde hair color at the moment. I like pale pastel colors, like a pale pink or a soft blue. I’m also on a neon kick right now. I have a hot pink neon jacket that I love. I am still down for an animal footprint to throw in there too somewhere.

On his office prep process:

It’s chaos. I have a margin of one and a half to two hours to prepare.

When I walk in, I have an appointment with my stylist. We browse through a shelf of clothes, shoes and accessories and find out how we feel that day.

My TV wardrobe is dressier than I would be in my usual life. If I want to wear Spanx, I’ll make a dress. Otherwise, we could do something that has this fluid vibe.

Then my hair and makeup team comes in, and my wardrobe will talk to my makeup artist and show her what I’m wearing, and we’ll figure out what makeup we want to do. I wear a lot of wigs on my show. I do a lot of styles to protect my natural hair.

I have meetings in the morning while I do my makeup. I can have producers come into my room and talk to me, and then I talk to my executive producer. That’s a lot of moving parts.

From there, it’s off to the races.

On powerful songs:

Being a plus size woman means that sometimes the options aren’t available to you. It can be frustrating and daunting to prepare. That’s why I created my clothing line, so that everyone can feel confident in what they wear.

I feel really good in black, like when it’s an all black leather look. I have a black jacket with leather sleeves and I pair it with black leather leggings (opens in a new tab), a transparent top and a red lip. This is my default – looks so boss.

I also have a blue snakeskin suit from my clothing line that makes me feel like I’m slipping. I took a chance and wore it with a pair of Dunks. Sometimes taking risks with fashion is fun, and it looked then good.

Unfortunately, shopping isn’t the same for women anymore. My philosophy is, “Does it stretch?” This is the first question. This is the golden rule for me. You need to have a full plan together – plus options are so few that everyone wears the same thing. You see many more actresses in the same outfits on TV shows due to limited options.

I always wanted to have something different, change it to be unique for my personality.

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