What VICE Readers Bought in June 2022


Well, well, look what the long Furby has been dragging. (It’s you!) We’ve been keeping a close, non-intrusive eye on what you, our dear readers we love so much, threw in your baskets in June, and let’s be the first to say: you have great taste. As your shopping shamans, we throw lots of deals, drops, and dope on your screens, but in the end, it’s you who makes the hard choices. (Shrek butt plug on the grocery store everyday, IMO.)

Last month, you landed Vans that made our 1998 teenager sing, high-tech wellness gadgets, TikTok viral jeans and enough NA beer to fill a swimming pool. This month, you’ve doubled down on CBD lube, a sex toy named after a fish, a cooling pillow, and more gear to start your summer off right. From portable AC neck fans to retro-cool headphones, here are the bestsellers VICE readers couldn’t get enough of in June.

Hoka Bondi 7 running shoes

You all started last month, literally. “My feet never hurt even after running six miles (or more) when the Hoka Bondi 7s are strapped to my feet, and that’s saying a lot,” Rec Room’s Nicolette Accardi wrote in her review of the shoes. popular. “The cushion fits my unfortunately cursed feet comfortably, while still providing the space they need so they don’t suffocate them. It’s a top choice, especially if you’re not sure what type of shoe fits the better to your foot structure.Best of all, the Bondi 7s come in both men’s and women’s styles, so there’s a pair for everyone.

$160 at hoka

$160 at hoka

This life-saving A/C collar

There are a few tricks to staying cool without A/C, but we can only drop a limited number of ice cubes into our [redacted]. This portable neck fan is a favorite of Rec Room staffer Mary Frances “Francky” Knapp, who says it cuts through the East Coast humidity like a boss. “It’s a godsend on those days when you’re stunned by a monstrous heat wave,” she wrote in her review of the fan, “and can give you extra life if you’re cooking on a hot stove, gardening under a sky cloudless, or chilling after a run.Times are skyrocketing, and so are “add to cart” moments for our readers.

$149 at Amazon

A top-selling CBD-infused lubricant

There’s no better way to escape the summer heat than sweating it out in the bedroom, right? RIGHT? Well, now you can relax and light up with Foria’s CBD-infused lube. “Foria spared no expense with her cauldron on this one,” writes Mary Frances “Francky” Knapp in her treatise on the best CBD-infused sex tricks. “Not only is this brand one of the top-rated, their CBD lube is such a game-changing five-star product that it’s inspired a number of graphic-filled articles about how it’s helped release tension, as well as enhance orgasms during intercourse and masturbation.

$44$35.20 at foria

An epic vibrator for $30

They don’t call it the Blowfish for nothing. This Better Love Blowfish vibrator is hands down one of the best budget suction vibrators your hard-earned clams can buy. It packs a suction function and a little tab into an ingenious, compact design – and for a bargain – which is why after doing our full review of the toy it became an instant bestseller.

$32.99 at Amazon

Casper Cooling Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

We don’t blame you for snagging a few cooling pillows during those hot summer months. “My TL;DR after sleeping on this suction cup for about a month – and sleeping like a rock I might add is that it’s totally worth the price,” writes a Rec Room editor about Casper’s Foam Pillow with Snow Technology. “This thing breathes like a champ; and it costs less than a sweet night at the bar. Plus, it’s a stylish addition to your pillow collection – which, in my experience, can never be too colossal – and fits any standard pillowcase. That, guys, we should wash regularly. (I know, who knew?)”

1980s Linda Hamilton style headphones

“As someone who doesn’t like headphones, but doesn’t want chonky headphones dragging around on my daily commute,[these are] perfection,” writes Rec Room staff member Mary Frances “Franky” Knapp in her review of Koss’ cult Porta Pro headphones. The oft-sold-out beige edition has just been restocked, and you might be waiting to get your hands on it to launch your terminator summer aesthetic.

$59.99 at Amazon

A conversation pit sofa

Conversation pits might technically be great sectional sofas, but it’s also a lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to fit every roommate/pet/orgy member on that couch or just want a plush pedestal you can strip the starfish on in peace, this Anchoretta couch is *the fuck* du chef*, and its high ratings and reasonable price have made it a hit.

$2029.99$1659.99 at Wayfair

$2029.99$1659.99 at Wayfair

A mushroom lamp

We don’t need much when we’re using mushrooms: just ten coconut waters, a five-hour Grateful Dead jam compilation, and this Murano glass-inspired mushroom lamp from the 70s. ‘OK.

$49.89$29.98 at Amazon

See you next month, sailor.

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