Why Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam Would Work When Space Jam 2 Failed


Warner Brothers shouldn’t give up on the Space Jam franchise – they should revisit the Skate Jam movie they almost made starring Tony Hawk in 2003.

Space Jam: a new legacy was released in theaters and on HBO Max in July 2021, and while it didn’t make the Space jam IP no favors, Warner Brothers shouldn’t give up on the franchise – they should review the Skates jam film they almost made with Tony Hawk in 2003. As detailed by Birdman himself in a lengthy Instagram video from 2019, Skates jam was the proposed sequel to the original Michael Jordan film. Unfortunately, due to the disappointing box office performance of the 2003s Looney Tunes: back in action, Hawk was soon ghosted by Warner Brothers, and the movie never came true. Always, Skates jam remains a strong concept and could still work as a way to reinvigorate the franchise.


Even considering that it was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, Space Jam 2’s box office numbers were disappointing. He also failed to resonate with critics, scoring 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film suffered a massive drop in ticket sales after its opening weekend, and was criticized for spending time turning Warner Brothers characters and properties into quick, free cameos. More importantly, it failed to get many potential viewers excited due to the fact that it was essentially a reissue of the first. Space jam.

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However, Jam’s space The idea behind “Looney Tunes-meet a star athlete” is still viable and exciting, provided the franchise moves away from basketball. Skateboarding is also still capable of accommodating Space Jam, with international popularity eclipsing anything the sport has known before. As for Tony Hawk himself, the unofficial skate ambassador hasn’t slowed down and is certainly still active enough and known to lead a Skate Jam.

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While many who saw Hawk’s Instagram post in 2019 have expressed their desire to see a Tony Hawk’s Skates jam, the current cultural popularity and status of skateboarding make it a totally viable option for Warner Bros. Basketball is obviously a popular sport, but skateboarding is enjoying a moment of international recognition thanks in part to its inclusion in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The inclusion of skateboarding in Tokyo has both highlighted and helped create a global interest in sport for both men and women. Although skateboarding is a traditionally American pastime with an industry centered almost entirely in Los Angeles, California, only two of the twelve Olympic skate medalists were from the United States. This suggests that a Skates jam film could be even bigger international success now than it could have been in 2003 – and potentially achieve the box office success that Jam space 2 did not.

With a Jam space 2 cameo linking it with the original film, it’s clear the franchise wants to stay connected in terms of theme. Although skateboarding is not a team sport, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that top skate athletes need to be just as dedicated and disciplined as stars of more traditional sports. While part of skateboarding will always return to its rebellious roots, Hawk himself represents a family figure more than capable of delivering the same inspiring and encouraging messages put forth in the other. Jam movie theater.

Of course, at age 53, there’s still a possibility that Warner Brothers or Hawk himself might not be interested in a Tony Hawk-directed movie. While Hawk continues to be a visible celebrity and skate at the highest level, there’s a chance he’d rather not make a 900 alongside Taz and the other Looney Tunes. There is another skateboarder, however, who could take Hawk’s place in a Skating Jam: Nyjah Huston. Aside from being a street skateboarder (arguably the most popular type of skateboarding right now, as opposed to Tony Hawk’s green skateboarder), Huston is an absolute powerhouse in competitions, by far the most popular street skateboarder. victorious of all time. He enjoyed sprawling plays in The New York Times, huge backers from Nike, a prime spot on the US Olympic team, and even an appearance in Tony Hawk’s last game. Tony Hawk 1 + 2 Professional Skater. Although Hawk should definitely be involved in a potential Skates jam, it could always be complemented by one of the rising stars in the sport. The future of a Jam space 3 is uncertain, but after Space Jam: a new legacy, it’s fair to hope that the next movie hits theaters on four wheels.

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