You must check out this super rare collection of Jordans


I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly jealous person. But I could plan the most elaborate heist in human history to get my hands on this collection of Jordans.

Joe La Puma unveiled the world’s rarest Jordan collection (video below) in a recent edition of Complex Closets. Currently owned by an anonymous shoe lover, the collection includes nearly every pair of iconic Jordans you can imagine. And, yes, these are all shoes the GOAT has put on his own two feet throughout his career.

The video begins with a look at the Nike Air Ship, which Jordan wore for the Bulls before his signature shoes first hit the market. We then take a closer look at the many custom kicks Jordan wore after breaking his foot in the late 80s, which included several pairs that had the Jordan 1 top with a different edition bottom.

Some of the other amazing pieces in the collection include the Black Cements 3s that Jordan sported when Chicago hosted the All-Star Game, the Space Jam 11s that he wore in the movie, and the Olympic 7s that he wore during the Olympic medal. gold from the Dream Team. fun. The collection doesn’t stop at the hardwood either, as we also get a glimpse of a number of the cleats he wore while dressing for the White Sox in the mid-90s.

I really can’t imagine how much this collection is worth – let alone how the collector got his hands on all these pairs. I highly recommend watching the full video below, it’s pretty crazy:


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