Zendaya’s 10 Recent Projects That Boosted Her Net Worth


Zendaya has become one of the most sought after Hollywood actresses lately.

Zendaya proved to be a terrific performer from an early age and was part of a dance troupe before performing in stage productions. After being cast in the Disney comedy show shake itshe rose to popularity, aired for three seasons, made music while pursuing her acting career, and released her debut album, Zendaya, in 2013. After starring in a drama series for Disney until 2018, the entertainer received her big break in Hollywood when she entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the actress had a net worth of $5 million until 2019, her various ventures in Hollywood helped her reach $15 million.

From her regular debut with a successful franchise to slowly showing the world her talent as a dramatic actress and designer, she’s been one of the most talked about celebrities in recent years.

ten Spider-man Franchise

While Zendaya had worked on Disney shows before, her breakthrough on-screen role came in 2017 when she starred as MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As reported by Mirror, the actress made $300,000 with the first film while she was paid $2 million for the second installment, Spider-Man: Far From Home. For the third film, Spider-Man: No Coming Home, she earned $2 million for reprising the role. The three films have collectively grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide.

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9 Dunes

An epic film by Dennis Villeneuve, Dunes takes place in the distant future and follows the story of Paul Atreides played by Timothée Chalamet. Zendaya plays the secondary character of a mysterious Freman named Chani. The film was a box office success and the actress earned $300,000 for her role. Due to its popularity, the film already has a sequel in the works for a 2023 release.

8 Malcolm and Mary

A black and white film made during quarantine, Malcolm and Mary tells the story of a stormy night between a couple played by John David Washington and Z. The actress, along with her co-star, donated shares of the film to the skeleton crew. When the movie sold to Netflix for $30 million, each person earned at least $300,000 from the sale.

7 Euphoria

6 Space Jam: A New Legacy

In her first voice acting role, she starred in the 2021 family comedy live-action animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy. The actress voiced the character of Lola Bunny as she was a big fan of screenwriter Coogler and the previous version of the film starring Michael Jordan. The new film saw Lebron James at the helm and grossed $162.8 million at the worldwide box office.

5 Tommy Hilfiger X Zendaya

Zendaya has become one of fashion’s biggest icons with her red carpet looks, and she took her passion to the runway when she collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger for the fall 2019 campaign. As mentioned by Voguethe collection was a tribute to African American history and was detailed with themes from the 70s fashion era. She worked alongside her stylist Law Roach to bring her collection to life.

4 Lancôme brand ambassador

A leading luxury beauty brand, the star has been the face of Lancôme since September 2019, when she launched Idôle fragrance for the brand. Over the past three years, the actress has starred in campaigns and advertisements for the fragrance line and joined stars like Taylor Hill in becoming the face of the L’Oréal-owned company.

3 Valentino brand campaign

In December 2020, Zendaya became the global ambassador for fashion house Valentino. The Italian company showcased its bold yet stylish persona by starring in the fall 2021 campaign and advertising the line of apparel, footwear and accessories, which garnered a lot of attention online.

2 Bulgari face

The entertainer took the spot as the new face of Bulgari Jewelry in February 2020 was spotted wearing the brand’s jewelry for her red carpet outfits. According to her, its popular figure spirit with Gen Z has helped the brand tap into youth and the global market to achieve universal appeal. In 2021, Zendaya starred in the Magnifica Campaign for Bulgari.

1 Super Bowl ad for Squarespace

Squarespace has tapped the right celebrity to advertise its services as a website builder and hosting company. Featured in a one-minute TV spot that reportedly cost more than $12 million, the actress played the role of Sally, an entrepreneur who sells seashells by the sea, a concept adopted from a century-old tongue twister.

From starring in blockbuster movies and award-winning TV shows to expanding her interests in fashion and brand endorsements, Zendaya has seen an astronomical increase in her net worth since 2019. Actively working in film and television, the actress is currently starring in the second season of Euphoria and will then be seen in the sequel Dunes: Part II in 2023.

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